@r @karlbayron Seeing the timeline right now, it seems like ResearchKit will have to be for next semester along with the addressing the home screen comment. As for what information we can display there, we will get back to you. Our main concern is that there might not be enough space to put anything else.

@r @karlbayron Just to add on to my previous message, I do have the complication and it seems to be okay but I just have a concern with the amount of times that a user will be reloading this data per day because after a certain limit, this will not update until the next day

@r @karlbayron Hi, sir! An issue with the watch complication right now is that complications are meant to display data in time intervals, for example, trying to schedule your day. With trying to update the complication with the last reading data to update it in real time, the data cannot be refreshed very often since it has a "cool down" apparently to save the watch's battery. This way, it won't be its most updated state. Would it be possible to drop the complication part of the watch app?

@r Also, sir, I'll be making an adjustment to the second page of the Watch app. I'll just go back to the original prototype design instead of the newer one. However, the achievement page will be the newer one instead.

@r @karlbayron Hi, sir! I sent over an email showing a mockup and detailing what I plan to do with the new changes, along with a few concerns. :)

@r @karlbayron Also, sir, is it possible to deviate from the original prototype for the Apple Watch? I plan to have the very last reading and adding a reading on one page, last 5 readings on another page, and then achievements and such on another page instead

@r @karlbayron Understood! I've sent her an email. I will let you know when she answers. I was actually checking AppTweak out and it seemed like I need a credit card details for that, so I'll just update you on this when I have an answer.

@r @karlbayron Hi, sir! I'm researching online and it says I have to use an application called AppTweak in order to check this out? Also, may I ask if you have any resources on how to scroll down to another page and to swipe left and right to another page on Apple Watch? It seems to only do one or the other.

@r @karlbayron I think the mobile apps should be ready sooner than the watch app. Will that be enough for the public beta? The watch app will need more time

@r @karlbayron This is our timeline right now.

Android app: All functionalities will be done by October 6. Animations will be finished by October 13.

iOS app: The application should be finished by the end of October.

Watch app: The application should be done by the end of November.

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