so you know you are being tracked Opinion - I Visited 47 Sites. Hundreds of Trackers Followed Me. - The New York Times

@bpsy @karlbayron the feedback should vary and not be fixed -- should be appropriate to the condition of the entry. Can you send me the table that contains the feedback phrases?

@bpsy @karlbayron don't call it 'Log' - that is so technical. Call it 'Records'

Google pitches their version of keeping browser users’ privacy by NOT completely blocking tracking technologies. Not really enough. Stop tricking people.

I have one of those ASUS routers with Trend Micro software. Yes, I don’t use it because I don’t trust it.

@bpsy sent you the link to download the source code. @karlbayron

THIS is exactly what Facebook, Google and YouTube are doing – “training” users.

I won’t be surprised if the same can be found in the Philippines. Filipinos need to be aware when their data is being harvested.

@karlbayron @bpsy would you like to change the name to something else? maybe you have a better proposal. ;)

@kalbayron @bpsy sent my comments. Please revise. Also, will need you to submit your proposed UI changes. We need to work on this asap.

Research like this strengthens the need to reduce data collection, instead of relying on anonymization.

The choices provided by the EATogether by Vikings chain seem to be plenty, but the family prefers grabbing grub from only 4 stalls every time.

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Yikes. "The fingerprints of over 1 million people, as well as facial recognition information... was discovered on a publicly accessible database for a company used by the likes of the UK Metropolitan police, defence contractors and banks."

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