Not on the iOS 14.4 beta right now - those on beta, does 5G work when you have both SIMs active?

Project Loon just popped. tsk tsk. Typical Alphabet/Google.

watchOS 7.3 will bring ECG support for Apple Watch series 4 and above sold in the Philippines!

Interesting project that Beep thing. For $10/mo that breaks Signal’s E2E encryption (only end to bridge encryption done), that might not be a good idea. Beep has E2EE to server, server has E2EE to Signal (but within the server is another thing).

Dismantled a Western Digital external drive that won’t mount anymore, and then I bought a $20 all-in-one HDD cloning device. Now I am copying its contents to another drive via the Raspberry Pi. :)

This is bad. @apple @tim_cook - full end-to-end iCloud backup is necessary to protect users’ privacy. For the moment, use LOCAL encrypted back-up, not on iCloud.

Signal does not (and could not) censor whatever messages are sent through its network (by design). It can, however, be booted out by Google and Apple, and not to forget Amazon, since Signal is on the AWS infrastructure. tsk tsk

This is great news… let the exodus continue ‘Anti-Facebook’ MeWe social network adds 2.5 million new members in one week - ZDNet

In the next few hours it will be party in the U.S.A. w00t!!!!!

Yay for my Sugru re-supply. Now thinking where to setup this bulb. Hmm.

Rumour has it that Apple is bringing back magsafe for the Macbooks – how about a dual magsafe ring design to charge the power-efficient M-series chips? Merging the iPhone and Mac chargers.

what do you know - Plexserver on Raspberry Pi + Plex on Apple TV works better than using VLC on Apple TV + Samba share. Maybe it is time to remove samba on RPi - what do you think? :)

important security patch from the folks at run ‘pihole -up’ right away.

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