Why I don’t use Viber - just look at the more than a dozen trackers it uses. viber.com/en/terms/cookies-and

Spent time outside to get some sun and look, all blue!

Random objects to shoot whilst soaking in sunlight and listening to The Left Right Game

And now for ‘Some Good News’ – hit SUBSCRIBE and enjoy some good news, we deserve it. invidio.us/watch?v=F5pgG1M_h_U

Dear @Zoom.US, we pay for your services - why do you need to collect data for advertising? This is such a greedy move. Can you please fix this ASAP? blogs.harvard.edu/doc/2020/03/

Wow! Season finale of Star Trek: Picard is marvelous! Can’t wait for the next season, but for the meantime, the wait for Star Trek:Discovery starts.

This is a great tutorial on how you backup your iOS devices on a private IPFS network. I am waiting for a @textileio to make this a full OS X app. codyhatfield.me/2020/03/backup

A small thing, but every little thing helps - @Smart and @Globe - please do the same. Thanks. macrumors.com/2020/03/24/stay-

Check this out! Perfect for listening on your AirPods Pro - The LeftRight Game overcast.fm/+Yemw61UTQ

Yes, please ban targetted ads! This is what motivates advertisers to keep on paying the likes of Google and Facebook. wired.com/story/why-dont-we-ju

More vitamin D from the sun to beef up immunity and resistance to colds.

Glad that we have these people ethically reporting the bugs. flip.it/hrZO6S

Windows, Ubuntu, macOS, VirtualBox fall at Pwn2Own hacking contest | ZDNet

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