Ditch Instagram! I use @Flickr instead. @Smugmug needs to make the mobile app more community-friendly. :) androidauthority.com/instagram

Saw notion.so as a beneficial tool, specially for remote learners and teachers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just recommend it fully because of the amount of trackers on their page themarkup.org/blacklight?url=n

Just learned that you need an extra ‘E’ on the Date Format for Siri to say the entire day and not the abbreviated version.

Saw @gruber’s DF sponsor, Infolio.co, and saw a lot of potential until themarkup.org/blacklight?url=i showed me alarming number of trackers - including keyboard and mouse click trackers!

Spent a rainy day hacking some iOS/iPadOS shortcuts. Streamlined an old shortcut and made it shorter and friendlier.

The inconsistencies need to stop, @tim_cook @Apple – whoever is enforcing this, forcing developers to force users to auto-subscribe is very un-Apple-like appleinsider.com/articles/20/1

ROTFL Facebook can’t be trusted, oversight board or no oversight board! Look what they’re doing. mashable.com/article/qanon-con

Was trying to use resilio Sync to back-up my photos locally and was stumped why new photos aren’t being backed-up… then I realized, the app needs access to All Photos on iOS. LOL.

Ubuntu 20.10 with RPi 4 support. Hmm. Now makes me think of nuking my RPi and installing Ubuntu on it.

Two new iOS apps to play with this weekend: the new NueralCam NightVideo and Halide MK II. Oh, I forget, the ClipDrop app, too - makes that three iOS apps then!

Can an FOI request be made to ask for all photos of PNP police officers?

How about this for an idea - a solar-powered raspberry pi based facial recognition for PNP police officers that can be deployed anywhere and sends identified officer’s name to the cloud? Will the PNP complain?

If you are looking for a Shortcut-enabled cloud-based database, check this out airtable.com/invite/r/kEcurk4C - I use it for keeping tabs of some articles.

I still can’t hack that 8-hour sleep routine. Argh! Getting closer!!! :)

Thanks @Apple for fixing the iOS/iPadOS Mail aliases issue with 14.1. :)

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