Different filter bubbles that you can choose… not a bad idea flip.it/KVHeWO

Technologist Stephen Wolfram puts a pin in social media information bubbles

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@bpsy check out researchkit.org - need the Consent and Survey functionalities.

@bpsy @karlbayron we need to address the home screen comment, i.e. boring. What information can we display?

@bpsy how long will it take to integrate ResearchKit?

Now I am scared - the Philippine government might be dealing with both Google and Facebook to ‘sell’ Filipinos’ data. arstechnica.com/science/2019/1

Anybody here uses Cryptomator.org?

Amazon, Apple and Microsoft earn revenue directly because you give your hard-earned money. Facebook and Google earn because you directly AND indirectly give them your data. Notice the big difference? medium.com/pcmag-access/how-bi

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YouTube is updating their Terms of Service on 10 December, 2019. It presents an awful possibility for the future of creators on the platform. It seems they will be able to terminate your channel if it's "no longer commercially viable."; in other words, wherever they feel like.

@bpsy can you test the app with VoiceOver and see if you can navigate just by listening?

These Airpods Pro buds are so comfortable compared to the original one.

How about the new face unlock? Did that go through dogfooding as well? flip.it/kbJoay

Google Spent 21 Years Learning How to Release New Products. Here’s the 1 Thing It Always Does First | Inc.com

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