I wish the 1Sambayan will field non-trapo candidates and get those trapos to give way. We need better leaders, not those who were given a chance before and squandered it.

Is there a beta manual for iOS Safari 15? This one just does not work out of the box — you need to learn how to use it. Tsk tsk. @duckduckgo@twitter.com is looking more and more attractive as iOS 15 main web browser.

Musk dissing Apple shows he is scared of the rumoured, non-existent Apple car.

This quarter just proves *again* that Apple is doomed!!

Wala bang 50K per month electricity credit for life from Meralco for Hidilyn? Free Smart Infinity subscription with annual device replacement for life?

PH officials requiring the poor to buy face shields every so often is simply anti-poor! The nerve of these people who don’t believe in science (but claims to do so). Make face shields OPTIONAL!!!!!

Congratulations Japan - mixed doubles table-tennis - come from behind Olympic Gold!

Bermuda gets their first ever Olympic Gold! Congratulations. Lots of firsts this

Wow! Next-day delivery from Watsons online. Not bad.

Updated iPhone, iPad Pro and Macs to iOS 14.7.1, iPadOS 14.7.1 and macOS 11.5.1 respectively

Mabuhay ka, Hidilyn! Mabuhay ang Filipina, Pero Hindi lahat. 🇵🇭

So proud of the Hidilyn Diaz for bagging the first Olympic gold medal for the Philippines! Mabuhay ka!

The next PH President must invest more in education (teacher training first and foremost) and healthcare. A healthy and smart workforce is the way to a better economy.

PH President, Facebook is destroying the Philippines and Filipinos - please kill it. Haha 😂

Making oat-caldo for dinner tonight. 🐔 🥣

Be careful. When you get a call from this number (0965) 077 1942 claiming to be from BPI and offering CC fee waivers for life or any other deals - the caller, a female, is out to phish for your personal data.

Time to turn off Twitter, where all are political experts right now. 🤣

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