THIS is exactly what Facebook, Google and YouTube are doing – “training” users.

Why do you want to know my location, @PhilStarNews? You sneaky little… STOP TRACKING US! @PrivacyPH look - no details WHY they are collecting this.

Anybody had any luck selecting REJECT? It does not work. Tsk tsk isn’t this a violation @privacyph? GDPR?

Hell no! @gcashofficial asking for access to my health data.

Am ready for the 11” iPad Pro. :) The USB-C to USB-A adapter is for portable batteries - still don’t have one that has USB-C out.

This never fails to attract photographers like bees. :)

Celebrated last night with the PH crew. Happy 10th, @foursquare

If you are diabetic or know someone who is, please download and help students test this. Send me a note so we can send you questionnaire. Thanks.

SugarTraces by University of the Philippines

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University of the Philippines