@karlbayron I edited. You can now start working on the Form

@peioris BTW, the iPhone XR is still pretty capable, and the price dropped to 40K unlocked, for the 64GB.

please check Canvas ASAP. You have a deadline today.

w00t! More and more are signing up for “Sign in with Apple”. This is going to be good for all users. Can’t wait for web services to add this. manton.org/2019/09/17/sign-in-

Another awesome technical review of Apple’s camera system iPhone 11 Pro Preview: The Camera Hardware Changes - Halide blog.halide.cam/iphone-11-pro-

please check Canvas for important announcement. We will start class presentations tomorrow. Be ready.

@peioris The thing with telcos, they lock BOTH SIMs (nanoSIM and eSIM). Get an unlocked version - will be worth it. If you are on Globe postpaid, use their eSIM, and get Smart prepaid nanoSIM. That way, you get the best of both worlds for mobile data.

Also, “Sign in with Apple” is now out for some iOS apps.

 Arcade is live for some of those on iOS 13 beta

I cannot wait to get iOS 13 on 90% of devices out there. Die Facebook Die! techcrunch.com/2019/09/16/get-

Get popcorn for iOS 13’s privacy pop-ups of creepy Facebook data grabs

@karlbayron @bpsy Hello Karl, please remove your student no. haha.

@karlbayron @bpsy Hello. We will no longer meet with the Dean later this afternoon - will see you at 130.

please check our Canvas page asap. Thanks.

@karlbayron @bpsy yes, got it. I already said what needs to be changed (see previous post here)

Yet another study that shows why @PHCHED @Deped_PH and @DICTgovPH need to ban schools and teachers from using Facebook @upsystem apple.news/AUYsu5VrKS024Rkk9jt

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