Wearing a mask when inside an enclosed public environment, e.g., ride sharing, makes unlocking the iPhone using FaceID impossible. However, using the Apple Watch to read important notifications is an awesome experience.

Created an encrypted subdirectory on Google Drive and transferred 16GB of encrypted data using rclone.org. Access to encryption key is restricted - I have the only key! Ha!

Jean Luc is slowly building up his crew! Awesome episode and nice to see another familiar face.

Bought this HomePod online at OWC (at a discount) and am very happy. If Apple releases a cheaper, smaller version, I’d seriously think about adding one to the collection. Have a Sonos One SL coming in a few days, too.

Trying out new Micro.blog iOS app, Gluon, by @vincent - this looks awesome!

Trying out new app, Gluon, by @vince.

students, new FlipGrid task for this week. You may start TODAY. Deadline Friday, 1PM.

students, please accomplish the survey, see Quizzes section, before Feb 12. Thanks.

Incidents like this one can be prevented if only they’d stop using Facebook! nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna11319

It’s about time! I have seen three (3) mobile app stores on a public website (Paymaya.com) - iOS, Play and Huawei. Maybe MWC2020 will see this announced officially. androidauthority.com/huawei-op

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