This is another great news! I use and I wish that @GrabPH will teach their partners how to use it for more accurate pick-up/delivery destinations. Now it is even better.

Ohhh Plex app now adds Apple TV app support! Awesome! Up Next won’t be the same. haha.

This is good - if done correctly, i.e., implemented locally by the browser, Chrome. So, just ditch Chrome, right?

Oh hello there, pins :)

Watching Debris premiere episode 📺 to wind down…

you can try to login on canvas again and let me know if you are still having issues

March 2021 Photoblog Challenge

Day 2: orange 🍊

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Will the force protect my privacy?

Day 30: privacy

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Everytime you access the PH SEC Payment Portal, Google knows. Yes, as most Philippine government websites, it leaks information to Google or Facebook, or both.

The government really loves giving citizen data to Facebook and Google. has trackers from Google and Facebook. Check

March 2021 Photoblog Challenge

Is he telling the truth?

Day 1: truth

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I use this when I jog outside at dawn

Bonus Day (29): light

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No way to go but…

Day 28: Up

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Just found out that Facebook has a new mobile application called BARF eerr BARS. Stay away!

The semester starts tomorrow. ARGH!

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