On iOS 15, you can now nominate your Apple ID Account Recovery contact. Do so, just as a fallback when, for whatever reason, you can’t access your Apple ID.

Couldn't have said it better.

Facebook, its founder, top executives and board are EVIL. Why are people still using such an evil company?


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That Elon Musk, what a legend!

Asshole. I meant asshole.

I wonder if Freddie Roach will be the Philippine Olympic Committee chair in an alternate universe? 😜

Why can't the Catholic Church and other religious organizations in the Philippines import vaccines and help the LGUs in getting its flock vaccinated? (and also, stop those anti-vax preachers!)

Here comes the rain again… Falling on my head like a memory… Falling on my head like a new emotion…
I want to walk in the open wind… I want to talk like lovers do… I know, I know, I will stop now.

If you plan to upgrade to iOS15/iPadOS15 and MacOS Monterey as soon as they drop, then backup your devices now!

Tried to watch the and see win (so far, they got 2!). They said, it is on Paramount+. Went to the channel, only to say it need to pay PREMIUM. Tsk tsk.

The "sins of the father..." - if only they ACKNOWLEDGED those sins.

Is there a sequel na "how to break the law and get away with it", which everyone seems to be burying? Just like Facebook. LOL

@aral same in SG. PH wants to do the same - damn!

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FunkWhale is an audio network for the Fediverse. You can upload music, podcasts or any other audio, and interact with others across the Fediverse.

The official website has more info:


If you just want to try an instance, the creative commons archive https://open.audio is a good starting point.

You can follow FunkWhale users from the Fediverse, for example theserverroomshow@open.audio

Techy people can install their own instance by following the instructions at https://docs.funkwhale.audio/installation

Non-techy people can own their own instance by using a managed hosting service such as https://cloud68.co/instances/funkwhale, https://federation.spacebear.ee or https://weingaertner-it.de

#FediTips #Fediverse #Funkwhale #Audio #Music #Podcasts #Podcasting #Podcast

Wiping an MBA before re-assigning to another user.

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University of the Philippines


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