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This is a weird semester due to the pandemic, but the grades are all ready for submission. Will wait until Wednesday to see if some students can still submit the other requirements before I finally submit.

Digital signature might be in the interest of @Apple @tim_cook in providing users with a secure and private way to sign documents, email, photos.

Streaming a file using VLC on the AppleTV from a Samba shared from the Raspberry Pi crashes the RPi. Installed PlexMedia - hoping that this will be better than VLC and won’t crash the RPi.

SO nice to see @leo posting more often. Hoping to see the other hosts of TWiT, MBW, SN and STT here on the fediverse.

.@Signalapp is still down. Where’s my fax machine? Will the fax-modem work when connected to my iMac using a serial port to USB Type A to USB Type C adapter combo?

Called nearest Ace Hardware looking for CR1632 and was told they don’t carry it. Called nearest Toyota, was quoted PhP515 (USD10++) for one. Tsk tsk. It was PHP320 (USD 6.70) for 5 at Lazada.

Apple has been battling the VirnetX (ehem, troll) patent for quite some time. Why hasn’t Apple re-engineered itself out of the contested patent?

This Signal outage is taking quite some time to resolve. hmm…

Finally migrated to a mesh network at home. This weekend will fix the wires and cables. :)

Wonder why we are not hearing about the Philippines… wait, is it because the gov’t gives away the data to everyone already? Asking for a friend.

Samsung intentionally used an iPhone to promote its event so media will not dwell on the fact that there’s no charger bundled with their phones, after mocking Apple. LOL

.@tim_cook teases an announcement on Wednesday (i’m from the future, it IS Wednesday already! ha) - wonder what it is (said it is not a new product). What do you think it’d be?

Warning to Android users - make sure that you only download and install applications from developers you trust. The Philippines is predominantly an Android country - be careful, this can happen, too.

Finally found a USB-C extension that works! Lesson - you get what you pay for. LOL.

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